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Over the past years, reform in science education has become a subject of much importance. The National Research Council states in their piece Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards “For students to understand inquiry and learn to use it in science, their teachers need to be well-versed in inquiry and inquiry-based methods” (NRC, 2000, p.87). In other words, teachers need to not only experience the steps of inquiry, but to also develop a concurrent understanding of the steps and how they can be taught.

One of the most notable means of addressing these two needs has been the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Teachers (RET) programs. While there are many RET programs currently serving teachers, there is a small amount of research that looks into the effectiveness of these programs with regards to the following: teacher knowledge, teaching practices, and student learning after the teacher has completed an RET experience.

This website will be used to support research into RET programs. It is designed to support long term, systematic research into Research Experience for Teachers programs. It is our hope that the resources that are found on this site will help researchers both at FSU and abroad to design engage in quality analyses of the effects of RET’s on both teachers and their classrooms.


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